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Canada's Most Reliable Ultra-Fast EV Charger


Multi-unit Residential

Multi-unit Homes



Ultra-fast DC 120KW EV Charging Solution for public & commercial use

Charge up

in as little as 25 minutes*

Intuitive Interface

LCD screen 7” in multiple languages

Built on Open Standards

2 cars can be charged at the same time

Configuration of the station can be changed as per customer’s needs


Easy Installation & Warranty

Wall or pedestal mounting

18 months warranty

Robust Communications

Unlocked cloud options

RFID-enabled Authentication

Networked: Wi-Fi, Cellular

Online terminal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and any other chosen by owne

Rugged Feature Rich Design

Metal galvanized and painted

Operating temperature range: From ‐35°C to +50°C / -31°F to +122°F

From 21.33 ft / 6.5 m cord

Charging station equipped with a controller with an electronic RCD (20mA, 2 phases) and ground control

Enclosure protection class Type 3

Mechanical protection class IK10

The Future of Efficient EV Charging

The ZAAP120 Charging station is bigger, stronger, and faster than our ZAAP40, allowing EV drivers to charge up in less than 25 minutes*! This powerful wall or pedestal-mounted charging station is perfect for multi-unit residential properties, fleets, and public spaces—like plazas and shopping centres. Wherever drivers go, we’ll be there to make sure they can quickly charge up.


ZAAP120 uses Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6JSON— a standard open protocol designed to accommodate any type of EV. ZAAP120 uses only the most secure and reliable communication technologies to ensure a safe, convenient, and dependable experience every time drivers charge up.

Application for EV Drivers

The ZAAP Charge mobile app for iOS and Android was created to make driving an EV as easy as possible.


The app allows users to:

  • Locate nearby charging stations.

  • Join a waiting list.

  • Save their favourite stations.

  • Access specific charger location notes.

  • Access their charging history.

  • Get disconnection alerts.

  • Reserve a charging spot.

  • Make seamless and safe transactions.

EV Network Backend Console

We understand that owning a ZAAP Charging station is an investment, that’s why we provide an EV Network Backend Operator Console to make it easy for you to manage and optimize your station.


This console helps with:

  • Setting EV charger availability down to the minute.

  • 24/7 automatic fault monitoring.

  • Creating tailored reports and analyses

  • Advanced energy management & active load balancing.

  • Tracking customer usage.

  • Automatically updating the EV charger firmware, ZAAP dashboard, and app.

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