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Always On. Always Safe. Always Low Cost.

Building Canada's Most Reliable Fast EV Charging Network

Canada Requires

2.6 million

EV Charging Ports

Zero Emissions

Canada has adopted a target of achieving 100% zero-emission vehicle market share for new light-duty vehicle (LDV) sales by 2035

12 million

The number of EVs on the roads is projected to reach 12 million in 2035, up from the 250,000 currently registered in Canada

20 billion

A total investment of $20 billion over the next three decades in EV charging infrastructure is needed to meet Canada’s EV adoption targets

Why Choose

ZAAP Charge?

ZAAP Charge and our installation partners are working to provide Canadians with highly efficient and convenient fast-charging EV stations so they can go where they want, when they want.


Our chargers are industry leading in cost-effectiveness and reliability. They allow for quick and easy set up with minimal upgrades required to your existing power grid.

Our Products



What Makes Us Unique

Hardware Superiority

Our 40kW and 120kW chargers are industry-leading in reliability and cost

It Just Works

Our chargers are quick and easy for installation and maintenance

Carbon Credits

Offsetting, measuring and generating credits in jurisdictional scenarios

Find out how you can get a reliable and cost-efficient EV Charger!

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